Goodbye iWFL, Hello WFA
October 2017

The Colorado Freeze is excited to announce our acceptance into the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) as our new national league. Previously the team began under the iWFL (Independent Women’s Football League), but finding local teams (meaning under 12 hours distance) became a huge struggle. Our schedule kept changing, and the distances kept growing! The majority of our team budget went out the window to pay for travel, as we routinely were going over 12 hours to compete for our away games. It became a financial struggle and the travel was exhausting for our players.

At the conclusion of the 2017 season, the team realized it needed a change and requested to join the WFA. The WFA has a larger number of teams nationwide and at least 2 other Colorado teams. While another WFA team exists within 50 miles of the Colorado Freeze, the team is thankful to the Mile High Blaze for allowing our two teams to exist so close. Denver is big enough for two teams, and the leadership of both teams communicate and effectively to support each other, but still allow for some on the turf rivalry.

The team is excited for what the 2018 season and the future may bring in the WFA. As the iWFL Founder Bowl Champions of 2017 for their tier, the team is working hard to make a statement and earn a similar title in the WFA tier. #FreezeNation has something to prove in 2018, and continues to expand leadership, coaches, and players to make this their best season yet! While the team chose to say goodbye to iWFL, we support other women’s tackle football teams and wish them the best in their endeavors.

Check out our WFA release: