What is #FreezeNation?

Freeze Nation is our hashtag (#FreezeNation) used to refer to our team, fans, and extended family. We also adopted this phrase, Freeze Nation, Inc., as the incorporating name for our governing non-profit organizaiton. The team is overseen by a five-member board, responsible for all aspects of team management for the Colorado Freeze. Board members are the fiduciaries who steer the organization toward a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies. The board has a responsibility to support coaches, players, and staff ensuring operations run smoothly. The uniqueness of our board members allow for previous team owners, a player representative, and new leadership to steer the Colorado Freeze through our recent growth and future success! A team leads the Colorado Freeze, allowing for diversity, debates, and effective decision making.

To verify our non-profit organization, please visit Guide Star (http://www.guidestar.org) the nation’s premier non-profit database. Our organization name is Freeze Nation, and operates under EIN 81- 4185789. In accordance with public disclourse responsiblities, all governing documents are available upon request.

Board Members

Introducing the teams owners and board members:

  • Joey Davidson

    Chief Executive Officer

    Primarily oversees the "football" aspect of the team - Email

  • Billie Jean Davidson

    Executive Director

    The team facilitator! Primarily oversees team logistics, staff positions, and serves as the WFA team delegate - Email

  • Jennifer Skinner

    Chief Financial Officer

    Primarily oversees team accounts - Email

  • Leeanne Witherspoon


    Primarily oversees governance by-laws and requirements Email

  • Britney Derhak

    2018 Team Representative

    Annually elected player to act as a voice for her teammates at a board level Email


Our team is composed of a large group of volunteers and professionals to best facilitate the overall operations and growth of the team.